Book Rack

Book Rack

Book Rack is a type of shop equipment held for sale and storage of various printed materials (books, magazines, newspapers).

The scope of applicability of the Book Racks is very wide: in supermarkets - for the sale of books, newspapers, magazines; in bookstores - for books. The Book Racks are constructed so that none of the products placed on them interfere the visibility of other goods. It is possible to supplement the rack with ordinary shelves to place a larger number of products.

The Book Racks consist of two posts on which shelves for different products are placed. The podium placed at the bottom of the rack and decorative panels add attractibility to this shop equipment.

The Book Rack can be equipped with an ordinary frieze, advertising frieze, frieze with lightning or a mirror frieze. It is usually painted in white color, but at the request of the customer, the palette of any color is available. The powder paint from Denmark, which provides excellent protection against corrosion, is used.

There is one more advantage - the possibility of reequipment without extra financial costs.

The Company "Agroresurs" has been already known in the Ukrainian market as a supplier of high-quality shop equipment for many years.

The main dimensions we produce:
height — 145, 190, 235cm;
width — 95, 120cm.

Our products are supplied with straight and ordinary brackets having two angles of slope (15 and 30 cm), ordinary and increased shelves (20, 30, 40, 50 cm), which can withstand loads of up to 150kg. To buy Book Racks means to increase significantly the sales of printed products at your own outlet! Contact the Company "Agroresurs" and we can help you in your prosperity!