Confectionery Racks

Confectionery Racks

Confectionery Racks belong to a type of trading racks held for sale of confectionery products like sweets, cookies, and candies. The Confectionery racks are designed in such a manner as to consider the peculiarities of this group of products. The mirror is placed on the top in order to increase visually the volume of goods and attract the attention of visitors.

The Confectionery rack is separated into segments and sections of various sizes for quick and easy sorting of products. The angle of slope of the shelves is designed so that all goods are clearly visible and more accessible to buyers. Shelves are placed not directly, but at a slight angle, so that the whole product is gradually shifting to the front edge in the process of emptying of the section.

This trading rack is also used for the sale of spices and seasonings. Confectionery racks are constructed on the principle of modules, they have a large number of various size options for shelves, dividing section, and so on.

The metal parts are painted white with powder paint using an automatic line "Ideal Line" from Denmark. However, at the request of the customer, for further drawing of attention of buyers, the painting in any RAL color is possible.

The offered sizes of confectionery racks: height 1450, 1900, 2350 mm; Width - 950, 1200 mm.

The package of "Rіstel" includes:
— straight brackets (200, 300, 400, 500 mm), two angles of slope 15° and 30°; are available;
— ordinary and increased shelves (200, 300, 400, 500 mm);
— confectionery shelf (600, 750, 950, 1200 mm);
— book shelves: single, double, triple (600, 750, 950, 1200 mm).

We can use various types of friezes: ordinary, straight, advertising, with lighting or mirror. We sell our products all over Ukraine and deliver on our own. We have been in the Ukrainian market of trading racks for long time, so it will not be difficult for our managers to calculate quickly and accurately the number of trading racks needed for your individual case. We are happy to advise you and help you make the right choice. Call us and order!