Straight Rack on Ties

Straight Rack on Ties

Straight racks on Ties belong to a general-purpose shop equipment of Economy Class. They are used in stores, shopping malls, and supermarkets.

The main difference, which allows you to save essentially, is the absence of the rear panel. The price of such a rack is lower, but capacity is larger than in wall-mounted racks.

The kit of Straight Rack on ties includes:
— 2 posts, joined with two ties — upper and lower;
— straight and multi-purpose brackets (with two angles of slope);
— ordinary and increased shelves that withstand up to 150 kg — various types of friezes: advertising, mirror, ordinary.

All Straight Rack on Ties are covered with powder paint. Usually, they are painted in gloss white color. If desired, the customer can change a color according to RAL. In response to staining, the racks do not only look stylish and modern, but also are completely protected against corrosion and stored in the ideal form for a long time.

The Company "Agroresurs" produces Straight Racks on Ties "Ristel" of such dimensions:
— height — 1450, 1900 and 2350 mm;
— width — 950 and 1200 mm.
Section of leg — 33/80 mm.

All products are of the high quality, tested by time and by a lot of customers who have always been satisfied with our products. In order to place an order, you just need to call our manager, he will clarify with you all the nuances that will help you to choose the appropriate shop equipment. With "Agroresurs" You may rest assured that your order will be executed in the shortest time. Call us!