External Corner Rack

External Corner Rack

External Corner Racks are used in supermarkets and department stores. They perform several functions:
— layout and sale of goods (for so-called impulse buying);
— turning the trading row by an angle of 900 ;
— creation of a complete composition of trading row;
— maximum use of store space;
— filling in the free corners;
— installation into the facilities with irregular geometric forms.

The External Corner Rack is metal, coated with gloss powder paint on the Danish automatic line "Ideal Line". Usually, it is painted in white color, but on the customer’s request it can be painted in any color from the RAL table. This coating protects the entire structure from corrosion and increases the service life.

The rack is strong and stable, in spite of the simplicity of design. The assembly process is very simple, it can be performed even by the store personnel without involving the professionals. In response to compactability in disassembled state it is easy to transport.

The Company "Agroresurs" offers metal external corner racks "Ristel". The height is 1450, 1900 and 2350 mm. The leg of section 33/80 mm is used. Shelves can withstand loads of up to 150kg.

Buying external corner racks "Ristel" is an ability to create a cozy and profitable point of sale in quick, easу, modern, stylish and inexpensive way! Сontact us! We will help you to select all the shop equipment you need!"