Internal Corner Rack 45°

Internal Corner Rack 45°

Internal Corner Rack 45° is not used as often as other types of metal racks. However, there are cases when it becomes simply indispensable. For example, if you have to turn a shopping row on 45° , or in case if the salesroom has a complex geometric shape. Moreover, it can be used to create a wide variety of forms of shopping rows.

The Internal Corner Rack 45° has two-side pillars with brackets and corner installed on them. Decorative corner panels cover the rear part. All elements are metal, painted with powder paint, mostly in white. However, it is possible to paint in any color of RAL marking on the Danish line "Ideal Line". Such a coating has an attractive outside appearance and perfectly protects the rack against corrosion increasing its technical lifetime.

Internal Corner Racks "Ristel" allow using the outlet area to the maximum installing shopping rows in the premises of any geometry. The Company "Agroresurs" offers Internal Corner Racks "Ristel" 45° of 1450 1900 and 2350 mm height, with the use of leg with section of 33/80 mm. The angle of slope of the shelves can be changed to 15° and 30° the additional elements may be fastened to the perforated wall.

The perforation of carrier post provides an opportunity to place a larger number of shelves to demonstrate a larger volume of goods. The shelf has a narrow profile ensuring it is possible to place not one, but two shelves at eye level of customers.

The cornerstone of successful trading is a high-quality shop equipment. Therefore, when buying racks, contact a professional such as the Company "Agroresurs". Reliable proven team and long-term experience is namely the reason we have been remaining the leader in the Ukrainian market for many years!"