End Cap

End Cap

End caps (gondola racks) are used in supermarkets, shops for sale and demonstration of different types of goods.

The unique feature of the gondola racks is the placement of the shelves on all sides. Such a type of shop equipment can be used either for laconic end of the trading row or as an independent island structure in the center of the salesroom. End Caps are covered with powder paint to increase service life, improve the aesthetic appearance and protect it from corrosion. The white paint is most commonly used, but painting in any color is possible according to RAL.

The kit is supplied with:
— ordinary and end shelves with the depth of 200 — 500 mm;
— straight and multi-purpose brackets which can be set at two angles — 15° and 30°
— price holders;
— stops.

The "Agroresurs" Company produces End Caps of such dimensions:
— height — 1450, 1900, 2350 mm;
— width — 1020, 1220 mm;
— length of the base section — 600, 750, 950, 1200 mm;
— length of the end section — 500, 600 mm.

Buying the End racks is a decision to which every owner of a successful outlet finally comes. After all, not only the range of shops, but also the way it is presented is considered to be important for the customer. The proper aesthetic placement of product will increase sales by 40 - 50%. If You can not determine on the choice of racks on your own, call consultancy managers of the "Agroresurs" Company. You will definitely get free professional advice and our managers will be glad to help you to choose the shop equipment for your store and place your order. Our prices will not leave you indifferent either because all the products are produced by directly us and are not bought from other manufacturers!