Four-Sided Clothes Rail

Four-Sided Clothes Rail

The "Agroresurs" Company sells clothes rails of various designs.

Clothes Rails for clothes (Hunger) are used for:
— organization of demonstration of goods on outlets;
— saving of the space;
— placement of a large number of diverse products;
— providing customers with convenience and comfort during examination and selection of goods;
— making the work of shop assistants and other store employees easy through simple regulation and disassembly.

The hunger belongs to shop equipment with many advantages:
— in response to their durability, they stand multi-kilogram load for a long time;
— they are designed according to the principle of construction kit, so differ with universality in use.

The product proposal offered by the company "Agroresurs" is very diverse. This is equipment either for large supermarkets, or tiny shop departments selling bijouterie or bijouterie.

Our products are made in a neutral design, so it can be used in interiors with any design. All metal parts of the construction are covered with special polymer coating to provide corrosion resistance and longer technical lifetime. This coating also has very aesthetic and attractive outside appearance.

If requested, the color of coating can be not only white. This kind of shop equipment can be equipped with wheels that make it easy to move a rack over a salesroom. If you decide to buy Clothes Rail, contact the "Agroresurs". There are interesting price offers for wholesale customers! Apply to us and you will be satisfied!