Door Display Rack

Door Display Rack

Door Display Rack of "Ristel" are designed for demonstration of interior doors and door panels in large stores or supermarkets.

Using Door Display Racks you can show the whole range of assortment of goods to potential customers on a small area of salesroom maximally easily and comfortably. It has a great outside appearance and affords the opportunity to present the exhibition samples of doors through the collections or producers. The construction of Display Rack is performed in such a way that the customer has an opportunity to pull out door panels and choose the best options for themselves comparing them by design, texture or color.

The Door Display Rack of "Ristel” is designed for 20 door panels of 2000 mm in height, and 600, 700, 800 and 900 mm of width, which are easily attached to the outboard rollers. The main dimensions of Door Display Rack are:
— Height 2185 mm;
— Width 1740 mm;
— Length 1640 mm.

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