Vegetable Rack

Vegetable Rack

Vegetable rack is used in shopping centres, supermarkets and stores and other sales outlets for demonstration and sale of various fruit and vegetables.

The Vegetable racks have special shelves with two levels of inclination to provide customers with good visibility and accessibility to product. And not only that. The Vegetable Racks increase the storage life for food - by the aid of air inflow, the spoiling process is slowed down.

Usually, fruit and vegetables are placed in two layers . Each Vegetable Rack can hold up to plastic boxes. The Company "Agroresurs" has long been engaged in the sale of racks and other shop equipment. All our products have an attractive outside appearance and modern design. Our vegetable racks can be found in many outlets of Ukraine.

Basic dimensions of vegetable racks of the Company "Agroresurs" are:
height - 1450, 1900, 2350 mm;
width - 600, 750, 950, 1200 mm.

We always have tried to fulfill every wish of the customer, so we can use several types of frieze: straight, ordinary, advertising, lightning, and mirror.

The staining of metal elements of vegetable racks significantly increases technical lifetime, improves the aesthetic outside appearance, and increases the resistance to corrosion. As a rule, the white gloss paint is used. We use the automatic line of powder coating «Ideal Line» (Denmark). The painting in colour which customer requires is possible, in such case you should specify markings of the RAL paint.

Contact the company "Agroresurs" and we will provide you with a full range of services - from design, to installation of the vegetable racks. We welcome all non-standard and exclusive options! The purchase of high-quality shop equipment is the first step of your business success!