Aluminium Display Cabinets

Aluminium Display Cabinets

Aluminium Display Cabinets have recently become an integral part of the interior of the majority of outlets.

The sphere of their application is very diverse:
— chemists shops;
— supermarkets;
— jewelry stores;
— shops of bijouterie, cosmetics, perfumes and others.

The main advantages are that they:
— allow customers to visually examine the goods;
— protect big ticket items from possible theft;
— protect goods from the dust;
— are used not only for the sale of goods, but also as an advertising vehicle;
— have a modern, beautiful and ergonomic design.

The aluminum shape is a reliable connecting element designed to provide support and protection of the glass partitions. It is small in size and practically does not reduce the product demonstration zone.

In order to create original display cabinet, the aluminum shape can be pasted with LED strip light. Another advantage of display cabinet made of aluminum shape is possibility to change the height of the shelves. The height can be easily regulated with a screwdriver.

A variety of glass display cabinets with aluminum shape will not leave any customer untouched. They can be produced of various designs (completely made of glass, with the upper or lower frieze, with boxes for storage of the goods), of various shapes (4, 6, 8-sided, angular) and with rear panel of different materials (mirror, glass, fiberboard).

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