Vegetable Storage Rack

Vegetable Storage Rack

Vegetable Storage Racks are often used when it is necessary to make better use of the entire area of an outlet. Despite their compactability, Vegetable Storage Rack can contain several boxes.

Use of such a type of equipment does not only save floor area, but also allows you getting additional income, as far as unusual and original outside appearance of the rack will definitely attact customers’ attention and thus will increase their desire to make a purchase.

It is also possible to support customers’ interest by using various options of composition of racks into the groups. Another important advantage is a low price. Vegetable Storage Rack differs by reliability of its construction as it consists of a core of profile steel pipes.

Decorative elements are made of sheet steel. In order to get attractive outside appearance and protect against corrosion, the construction is coated with polymeric layer, the color of which can be choosen by the customer according to RAL catalog. Buying of the Vegetable Storage Rack is an ideal way to maximize the area of the store and to get the maximum profit with minimal investment in shop equipment.

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