Metal wardrobes are indispensable in offices, gyms, and swimming pools. Their undeniable advantages over other types of furniture are insensitiveness to moisture and mechanical damage, very long technical lifetime, low price, simple design suitable for any space and small weight in comparison with wooden analogues.

Metal wardrobes can be of two types:
— assembled – they are delivered as a finished product, ready for service immediately. Significant negative moment is that they take much space while in shipment.
— disassembled - they are delivered in packaged form. A big plus is that they take little space when packaged, are easily transported and can be brought into any premises. A small drawback is that it takes time for assembling.

All metal lockers have built-in locks so sometimes they are even used as a storage. For high-quality storing of clothing and other things, there are special louvre-boards for ventilation. The wardrobes can be used in rooms of any size since they have standard sizes and can be combined into blocks.

For convenience of use, metal cabinets can be complemented with various boxes, stands for shoes, benches, internal separations, hangers, crossbars and mirrors.

The Metal Wardrobes are made of solid steel sheets. Thickness is from 0.6 to 0.8 mm. Standard color is gray. When painting, a special polymer-powder enamel is used. If desired, a coloring of any other color is possible. This nuance should be always specified when ordering.The Company "Agroresurs" offers a wide choice of metal wardrobes for clothes. High quality, low prices and fast delivery form the basic principles of our company. Call us and order!