Locker for Storage

Locker for Storage

Metal lockers for storage are the special cabinets of cell-like type, also called lockers.

Spheres of use are:
— shops;
— educational establishments;
— supermarkets;
— medical institutions;
— fitness centers;
— swimming pools.

Such a vast scope of application can be attributed to:
— reliability;
— fire safety;
— durability;
— environmental friendliness;
— availability of reliable locks to prevent unauthorized access.

Standard Metal Locker for Storage consists of 4, 8, 12, 16 cells. Each cell can be locked with individual key.

There are special air holes in lockers in order to avoid the clothes to be “choked”.

Metal Lockers for Storage are made of sheet steel (thickness of 0.8 mm). Standard color is gray, the staining is performed using polymer powder paint, which is not only stylish and has a modern appearance, but also has an increased wear resistance. Therefore, lockers are insensitive to mold and do not have an unpleasant musty smell. Such lockers for storage, if necessary, can be even treated with decontaminating materials without worries to damage outside appearance. If gray color does not fit into the interior of the customer's premises, the staining in any color according to RAL is possible.

By the aid of the special structure, lockers can be bonded together creating a monolithic structure. Lockers offered by the Company "Agroresurs" meet the international quality standards. You will also enjoy our prices and speed of execution and delivery of the order to any place of Ukraine. Only professionals with long-term experience work in our company. Call us, get answers to all your questions and place an order! We are glad to see you as our clients!