Rack for Clothes

Rack for Clothes

It is not a secret that for the successful business of selling clothes it is important not only to divide the area of commercial premises in the right way, but also to introduce and place the products advisably. An indispensable helper in this problem solving will be modern Racks for Clothes. They can be seen everywhere - in supermarkets, boutiques, large shopping centers and small kiosks.

The Racks for Clothing are equipped with a variety of hooks, hangers, rods, shelves and other essential devices. The right combination of these elements makes it possible not only to minimize active area, but also to show the selling goods from all sides to the maximum. The modern metal racks for clothes differ with stylish design, so that they perfectly fit into any design solution.

Racks of Clothing are of two types:
— gondola racks that are equipped with special wheels for easy, quick and comfortable movement on a salesroom;
— wall-mounted racks allowing maximally save the space in the room.

All metallic surfaces are covered with special polymer coating to prevent corrosion, extend a lifetime and provide an aesthetic appearance. Standard color of covering is white. If the color does not fit the interior of the shop, you can order a painting in any color specifying this question with the manager when placing an order.

If you decide to buy a rack for clothes, please contact the "Agroresurs". The shop equipment is one of the main directions of our activity. We have been known in the Ukrainian market for many years, our product range is expanding with each passing year, while the quality remains at the highest level as our company has employed only the proven professionals! Call us, get a free consultation on all the matters of arrangement of outlet and place an order!