Rack for Metal Goods

Rack for Metal Goods

Rack for Metal Goods appears as a metal post which is equipped with trays of different size. It can be produced in two versions – one-sided and two-sided.

They are used in auto repair shops, stores, warehouses, manufacturing workshops for storage of fasteners, metal products, auto parts, and other small parts.

The Rack for Metal Goods appears as a prefabricated structure consisting of individual elements which are easily framed with bolts and washers. They can be of two types — stationary and mobile (equipped with wheels for easy moving on the territory of store or warehouse).

Completing units of Rack for Metal Goods are:
— posts;
— plastic trays;
— traverse (bars).

Benefits of Racks for Metal Goods are:
— they allow using the whole room space for storage of various tools;
— they make it possible to carry out fast and easy access to all kinds of stored products without violating the order;
— they provide a visual representation of quantity and availability of any given type of tool in stock;
— they make it easy to manage a large volume of goods;
— it can be quick to assemble them without using of tools;
— it is easy regulate them according to any height of boxes because of controllable traverses.

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