Straight Perforated Rack

Straight Perforated Rack

Straight Perforated Racks are widely used in grocery, stationery shops for selling household chemicals and other products.

The main feature of the Perforated Racks is perforation holes on the panels. The holes are placed orderly at a distance of 15, 25 and 30 mm apart. They enable various metal hooks and holders be hanged on perforated racks.

The kit includes mesh shelves and baskets. The perforation scheme can be carried out individually according to the customer's order, it can be of any shape - rectangular, square, round, etc. The perforated racks are covered with a layer of polymer to protect against external influence increasing the technical lifetime of the racks.

The main dimensions are:
— width — 600, 750, 950, 1200 mm;
— height — 1450, 1900, 2350 mm.

If you decided to buy a Perforated Rack "Ristel", contact the PJST "Agroresurs". Products of the Company differ thanks to their excellent quality, long technical lifetime, large selection of models. You can place an order by phone. The manager will advise you towards all the questions suggesting a model which is better to choose in your particular case. Call us and order!