Bread Rack

Bread Rack

Bread racks are used in shops and supermarkets for the organization of sales of bakery products. The sales success depends on the appearance, quality, reliability and functionality. As a matter of fact, a pleasing view of the equipment "makes" the Customer conclude a greater number of deals and bring huge income to the store.

In order to increase the storage life of food, the Bread Rack is equipped with bread rack baskets of natural wood on which special hooks for hanging height control are located. This design allows you to take care of the Customers - to place goods on the required and the most comfortable height. And this is a small part of your store image!

Despite the fact that the bread racks appeared in the Ukrainian market of shop equipment not so long ago, they have already established themselves as a leader in sales.

The bread rack is a construction of modular type allowing you to place the bread baskets of different sizes. All metal parts are coated with powder paint, mostly in white. However, at the request of the customer any color from the RAL color catalog can be used.

In the company "Agroresurs" you can buy bread racks of 950 mm and of 1450, 1900, 2350 mm height.

The kit of Bread Racks includes such wooden baskets:
— small (126?946 mm);
— middle (343?946 mm);
— big (510?946 mm).

The following brackets can be used in Bread Racks at the request of the client: straight, ordinary, advertising, frieze with lightning or mirror frieze.

When painting metallic elements, we use the "Ideal Line" which is an automatic powder coating line (Denmark). This coating ensures a high resistance to corrosion, it has an aesthetic and attractive appearance and greatly increases the technical lifetime of Bread Rack.

The Company "Agroresurs" has been known in the market of Ukrainian shop equipment for a long time. Only approved professionals work in our Company thanks to whom all of the products are thoroughly tested. That is why, if you decide to buy shop equipment and apply to us, you will be satisfied.