Straight One-Sided Rack

Straight One-Sided Rack

The Straight one-sided Racks are also known as wall-mounted racks. If you decide to buy a straight-sided rack "Ristel", you do not have to think about the design – one-sided Racks placed along the wall create themselves an attractive interior and atmosphere.

Straight one-sided Racks are equipped with:
— friezes (there are two options - ordinary and friezes with lighting );
— multi-purpose (with two angles of slope) brackets;
— shelves - ordinary and increased (they can withstand up to 150 kg and have two profiles of stiffness).

Additionally, the kit may also include:
— friezes for installation of fluorescent or pinpoint lights;
— plastic holders for price tags, they can be blue, green, yellow, red or transparent color;
— stops.

The main dimensions are:
— height: 1500, 1900, 2350 mm;
— width: 600, 750, 950, 1200 mm.

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